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 REIKI  & Energy Therapy

 The Japanese word Reiki ( pronounced "Ray- Key") means "Universal Life Force".  It is the universal consciousness or knowledge called "Rei" that guides the fundamental Life Force energy called "Ki".  Reiki is a technique for transmitting this energy to yourself and to others to improve health and the quality of life.  Reiki is an ancient healing art; a simple touch healing system of amazing ease and power. 

Total well being requires a willingness to take an active role in the creation of health.  Connection to mind, body and soul are essential to live a full and meaningful life.  My unique integrative practice uses traditional Usui Reiki methods and other holistic concepts to address the whole person.  My goal is to assist clients in not only finding the root cause of their pain, illness or discomfort, but in releasing it in a positive way so their healing process will be rapid and successful.

I have also been called on frequently to work with cancer and trauma patients and patients with chronic illness.  I am always grateful for the privilege of  assisting these patients to ease their pain, the side effects of drugs or just helping them to relax and reduce the stress of their situations.

I consider Reiki to be an incredible gift from the Universe and I am honored each time I am able to share this gift with others. 

I am currently offering private consultations by referrals only.



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