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The following are links to websites that are important to me either because of their connection to Dream Builder Coaching,  Reiki, Feng Shui, or because of their dedication to the importance of the Mind, Body, Spirit connection and Unconditional Love.  The beautiful people behind these links have made a difference in my life and I thank them beyond all measure.


Recreation Foundation  website.  Home site for the work of Neale Donald Walsch.  The Foundation is dedicated to sharing the messages of the Conversations with God series.  I have taken teacher training with Neale and his work has been instrumental in my own journey. Thank you Neale!!


Home site for the work of my teacher and business partner Mary Morrissey who's transformational life work has changed the lives of thousands of people by helping them create a life they LOVE!


The website for the teachings, books and inspiration from one of my dear teachers, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. 


The home of  The Tapping Solution.  Nick Ortner and his sister Jessica have created a wonderful, easy to read website with loads of good information on Tapping.


The International Center for Reiki Training provides Reiki training, retreats, materials, newsletters and support for Reiki practitioners and students.


The official website of Eckhart Tolle author of The Power of Now, and A New Earth, Awakening toYour Life's Purpose, two of the most powerful, life altering books ( also available on CD) I know. Learn to live in the present moment and let go of the fears that hold you back.


Edwene Gaines is an amazing woman who took herself and her family from poverty to prosperity using what she calls her simple spiritual laws for prosperity.  Edwene is the person you want if you're having any money related issues.  She's simple and straightforward and she helped me learn gratitude and to let go rather than hold on tight to what I thought I had. A workshop with Edwene is life changing.


Louise Hay, international lecturer, author and teacher believes in the mind, body connection and teaches how changing your thoughts can change your life.  Although she doesn't know it, she was one of my early teachers and it was the power of her affirmations that made me begin to realize the creative power we all have within us.


Sedona Spritual Journeys - Gregory Drambour has been through much in his life and has an intuitive gift which allows him to tap into the life energy of the Universe and Mother Earth and serve others as a healer and guide. He is the author of The Woodstock Bridge and is a guide for spiritual journeys in Sedona, AZ.   My husband and I were honored to work with Greg on our own spiritual journey during a recent visit to Sedona. A Ho, brother. 


A Greener NJ website - My husband is President and CEO of this amazing company dedicated to sustainable energy products.  We are committed to using less energy and assisting others in finding cost-effective technology to improve work productivity and save on energy costs.  Suntracker Skylights and a suite of LED lighting options are available. ((He's also a pretty wonderful husband and amazing classic rock drummer with NJ's Premier Classic Rock Band, Lost In Place!)

This is a great website of like minded practioners from across the country

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